Field Marigold


If you happen to be in Baguio, you probably have seen this kind of flower all over the parks and sidewalks of the city. Some would probably just ignore its presence while others might have appreciated its beauty. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful plant with appealing flowers.

Last Friday night on my way home after the rain,  I stopped to take a closer look at these lovely flowers. The plants have been there for quite a while, but it was just last Friday when my attention what caught by these little yellow flowers. The plants and flowers were soaking wet because of the rain. I just couldn’t help myself but to admire them more. The flowers are more attractive at night because they look like little stars glowing in the dark.

The plant came from the family of Asteraceae which is very common in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The photo above shows a species of Asteracaea called Field Marigold (Calendula arvensis).


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