Imagine You and Me


Photo Credits to APT Entertainment

How many times did you watch Imagine You and Me in cinemas?

I’ve watched it 7 times. I’m not a movie goer, Imagine You and Me is just the first movie I watched multiple times in the cinema. I mean, I do watch in cinemas, but it’s my first time to take a lot of effort just to watch a movie in the cinema more than once.

If it is still showing in my area as of this writing, then I am certainly be willing to watch the movie again. I am a big fan of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. Bias aside though, the movie is really great. From the story and actors/actresses who portrayed the characters… to the cinematography, everything is amazing in the movie. I didn’t expect quite a lot but the movie indeed exceeded my expectations.

Although there were quite a few flaws because of course not all movies are perfect, overall though, Imagine You and Me is remarkable.

  1. The movie may have a cliche story – a hopeless romantic girl, Gara (played by Maine Mendoza) waiting for her ‘Romeo’ and a brokenhearted man, Andrew (played by Alden Richards) desperately looking for his girlfriend who refused his marriage proposal. The two met in Como, Italy where their love story embarked on. Cliche as you say it, but what sets this movie apart from the others? It’s not just because it was shot in the beautiful Como and Verona, Italy but it is the twists of the story that made it different. Just when you thought everything seems to be going well as the movie continues, suddenly something happens that could dispirit the audience. And of course, not to forget Isay (played by Jasmine Curtis-Smith) and her important role in the relationship of Andrew and Gara.
  2. The movie’s overall production budget seems big. It can be noticed obviously on how the movie was made. Glad to know that the producers APT Entertainment, GMA Films, and MZET gave what’s deserving to the Phenomenal Love Team – Alden and Maine.
  3. Cinematography – Imagine You and Me is like a made-in-Hollywood movie. The cinematographer is very much commendable for a job well done. Everything was so smooth. I can say that Imagine You and Me deserves to be nominated to movie awards in Best in Cinematography category. At the end of the movie, you will have the I-want-to-go-to-Como-now feelings.
  4. Acting – when it comes to acting, the actors and actresses did a marvelous job. Maine’s comedic scenes are effortless, very natural. She needs improvement in serious and crying scenes though, but I love her comedic timing and light aura in the movie. Alden’s acting is superb. He portrayed his character very well. He is consistent from the start until the end. He can make you feel what he feels. I will not be surprised if he will be nominated as Best Actor in movie awards for Imagine You and Me.
  5. Supporting casts – one of the revelations in the movie is Jasmine Curtis-Smith. I was wowed by her acting. I’ve known her as an actress but I haven’t seen any of her shows. In her role in Imagine You and Me, she will make you hate Isay but at the same time sympathize with her as to why she had to do what she thought the best for everyone. I was moved by her very good portrayal of a sick girl trying to live in her numbered days. KaKai Bautista and Cai Cortez played as roommates of Gara in the movie. Their funny lines will make you laugh your lungs out. Irma Adlawan played as the stepmother who doesn’t know how to get along with her stepson Andrew. She also deserves a commendation. Last but not the least, the appearance of Ken Chan and Marian Rivera in the movie were surprising. You will really enjoy everyone’s character.
  6. Movie Soundtrack – another thing that makes Imagine You and Me special is because the Official Soundtrack (also entitled Imagine You and Me) was written and performed by Maine Mendoza. The movie also featured OPM songs like Magkaibang Mundo by Jireh Lim, Kay Tagal by Mark Carpio, Mata by Mojo Fly, Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin by April Boy Regino, and a lot more. Among those OPM songs featured, Sabay by Never the Strangers is my favorite.

If you are a fan of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, this is a must-watch movie. It will definitely feed your AlDub/MaiDen/MaiChard cravings. At the end of the movie though, you will feel what Sepanx (Separation Anxiety) really is, it will make you crave some more and want to watch the movie again and again.

Overall, the movie is exquisite. Imagine You and Me is something to be proud of if you’re a fan of Alden and Maine. Aside from how the movie was alluringly and beautifully produced and done, even non-Aldub fans liked and praised it. There were so many positive feedback from different people. In the movie house, you’ll see audience from different age group enjoying. From children to senior citizens. From teens to working groups. Everyone enjoyed it, that’s a fact. Congratulations to Direk Mike and all the staff and crew. Worth it! ♥

  • Title: Imagine You and Me
  • Director: Michael Tuviera, DGPI
  • Rating: G (General Audience)
  • Casts: Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza
  • Genre: Romantic-Comedy
  • Producers: APT Entertainment, GMA Films, M-ZET Productions
  • Official Release: July 13, 2016



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