Instagram Update

Have you heard of Instagram’s newest update? If not yet, you better check it out because it’s super interesting. It is an impressive move by Instagram to protect its users from all forms of cyber bullying, harassment, baseless criticisms, and death threats.

The update was made possible because of series of abuses towards celebrities and regular Instagram users. Some users were forced to leave Instagram because of the stress they are getting from online trolls. Kevin Systrom, the founder of Instagram said that the updates were necessary “to promote a culture where everyone feels safe to be themselves without criticism or harassment”. Instagram is committed to keep the network a positive and safe place for everyone.

New update includes the following:

  • Comment Moderation. There is a new comment tool in the Options Menu that will let users filter out comments on their posts containing words they consider offensive or inappropriate. There is an option to filter out comments based on default list of words and users can create their own list of keywords.
  • Zoom on Posts. Users can pinch on photos and videos in feed, on profiles, and on Explore.
  • Add colors to the texts. Users can now add colors to their texts, just swipe the colors above the keyboard to see more or tap and hold a circle to select a custom color.

How to filter inappropriate comments:

  1. Go to your profile and select Options Menu.
  2. Click on Comments
  3. You may select “Hide Inappropriate Comments” that will hide any comments using Instagram’s standard list of keywords in English.
  4. You can also add custom keywords you would like to filter out. Any comments containing these keywords will be hidden. If a comment is posted with one of these keywords, it will only appear to the commenter and the commenter’s followers but will be hidden from everyone else.
  5. This feature will hide comments on old and new posts alike.
  6. If the comment filter is turned off or you remove custom keywords, any comment with those keywords will become visible.

What do you think of this new update? For me, this is just right. It’s about time because there are so many abusive trolls all over the internet and social media. This update is very helpful specially to celebrities, politicians, and other famous individual or group. I hope Facebook and Twitter will do the same.



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