Snow Caps L-Glutathione

I am fascinated with different antioxidants since I was 18. Aside from teas and other food rich in antioxidant, I take vitamin E and vitamin C for my skin and immune system. Yes, I will do anything to maintain a beautiful and healthy skin.

Before, I used to ignore glutathione because I thought I don’t need it. I mean, I am lucky to have a fair skin. Besides, I was under the impression that glutathione is just a skin whitening supplement until my dermatologist told me that it is an antioxidant.

I have one of the most stressful jobs in the world. My skin suffers because of lack of sleep and other environmental factors. My dermatologist recommended that I should take glutathione to maintain glowing and healthy skin. Then I remember Alden Richards is endorsing a glutathione brand — SnowCaps.

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I saw a lot of positive feedback from people who have used Snow Caps L-Glutathione when I did a research online about glutathione’s advantages and disadvantages. A box of Snow Caps L-Glutathione costs Php1,500 and contains 30 500-mg capsules in individual blister pack. I started using it and in 2 weeks, I already see the improvements in my skin and overall appearance. My friends and colleagues noticed and always say I look glowing and blooming. Even though there are days I’m sleep-deprived especially on weekdays, I don’t look stressed anymore. Learn more about glutathione and how it works in this ARTICLE.

While taking Snow Caps L-Glutathione, I did not stop taking vitamin C and vitamin E. My dermatologist said it is safe anyway. Besides, vitamin C improves the effectiveness of Glutathione in the body. I take alkaline vitamin C instead of the acid-based one.

“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.” – Erno Laszlo


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