Saturday Randomness

Happy weekend!

It was an exhausting week but totally worth it. This morning, my friends and I went to the breakfast buffet of Venus Parkview Hotel to catch up with each other as we celebrate more than five years of friendship!

For only Php210.00 you can enjoy Venus Parkview Hotel’s famous breakfast buffet. The hotel is located at Kisad road fronting Burnham Park, Baguio City. We spent the rest of the morning at the mall before we decided to go back home.

Random food:

I am currently eating banana and corn chips. LOL! They are not a good combination but I also don’t know why I’m eating them right now. LOLOLOL


It’s almost dinner, my mom will surely get mad at me because of the junkie. LOL

Random people:

While writing this blog, I am in our living room with my dad and sister watching Imbestigador on TV. Damn the man who placed his stepson inside an empty sack of rice. I am very disturbed by how the man continued to beat his stepson inside the sack and yet the mother didn’t even react. Worse, he left the sack on top of a drawer for hours while his stepson was inside. The child died from internal hemorrhage because he fell on the floor. I can’t even imagine what kind of human being would do that to a helpless child?

Sadly, corporal punishment is still practiced in some places here in the country. Most of the time, authorities have difficulties intervening parents practicing corporal punishments for some apparent reasons. Is it because corporal punishment has been part of our culture? Nah!

It is the parents’ job to discipline their children. However, parents should bear in mind the limitations and consequences of every punishment they do towards their children. Child abuse is one of the highest unlawful acts committed by Filipinos. In most cases, it happens inside their homes and the stepparent/s is/are the defendant.

Random things:

I don’t really have anything in particular as of this moment. Oh by the way, I misplaced my PRC identification card. 😦

Okay, that’s it for now! Happy weekend! 🙂


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