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What a morning! First, it’s raining so early in the morning. Oh! I forgot we have a typhoon. Second, the bashing spree against Alden Richards continues. What’s new, anyway? They bash even his late mother and even sent death threats to his family just recently. I can’t even imagine how evil these bashers are? Seriously, they have a lot of time bashing and hating. I wonder what are they doing for a living? Bashing? DUH!

I don’t usually rant in my blog, but I feel like there’s a need for me to do it. It’s also my way of voicing out what I feel so I can be relieved.

Disclaimer: This is my point of view and if it does not corresponds to yours, you have no right to disrespect me. Feel free to comment if I missed out on anything or write your opinion on the comment section but be professional. Respect begets respect!

Today’s hanash started from an interview by PEP.PH entitled Alden Richards baffled why other people are very eager for him to have a love life. The article was published yesterday and from then on, the bashing spree continues up until today. Bashers/haters accused him of anything like user, hindi naman sisikat kung hindi dahil kay ganito, and many more (same old actually). In the first place, why would these haters accused him of such?

The ALDUB phenomenon skyrocketed into fame because both parties worked damn hard. It was not just AL nor DUB. Therefore, the unsubstantiated argument of these dull-witted tards are nonsensical and illogical. Their reason — “hindi naman sisikat kung hindi dahil kay ganito” is the worse ever. Let’s put it this way, okay Alden was not that “famous” before ALDUB happened. But he already had hit teleseryes on primetime like Illustrado and Carmela with Ms. Marian Rivera. He also had won some awards like breakthrough artist and whatnot. In short, he is one of the celebrities valued by his network because of the type of projects he gets. And mind you bashers, he was not a nobody in the entertainment industry before ALDUB. Ganito lang yun, you don’t know Alden before because: you were not watching GMA shows before, you never watched GMA shows until ALDUB became a hit, or your TV can only get one channel until you are forced to upgrade your TV antennas when people started talking about ALDUB for you not to be outdated with the new talk of the town! LOL

In Eat Bulaga, if he didn’t do the pag papa-cute thingy on the camera back then, wala sanang ALDUB! Who knows? Same goes with Maine, if she wasn’t distracted and na-conscious kay Alden, wala sanang ALDUB! Ganun lang yun!

Again, ALDUB phenomenon existed because both parties worked hard. And oh, let’s not forget the brains behind the Kalyeserye too. GIVE PROPER CREDIT TO WHERE IT IS DUE.

Unfortunately, these so-called OSF tards claim otherwise. How vacuous they can be?! Ang kakapal ng mukha! Nakakahiya naman kay Jenny Ferre at Sir Joey de Leon. Oh well, tards are too closed-minded. They only believe what they want to believe. How pathetic! Very third-world people! How wretched their lives are!

Going back to the PEP article, I understand some fans’ sentiments. Ang tanging kasalanan lang “namin” eh umasa kami, nahopia, tapos heto broken-hearted kasi nag-expect na something like Alden and Maine are couple. Yung mag-jowa na level. Oh well, I couldn’t blame everyone because fans are fans and I’m a shipper too.

What I don’t understand is, why is there a need to bash Alden? Worse, the bashing are coming from AldubNation (or nagpapanggap kuno?). If it was Maine who said the same thing, do I expect the same level of bashing from ADNs? Nah~ yun nga lang sa ayaw pa ni Maine mag-teleserye wala namang bashing na natanggap from ADNs. How unfair people can be? Some people claim they are AldubNation but if they don’t like what they see or read, they bash the guy. Mga one-sided fans pala sila na gusto lang ng pakilig. Kung hindi nakuha yung gusto, binabash yung guy. May sariling project yung guy binabash parin bakit daw hindi kasama si girl? Pero kapag si girl may sariling project sasabihin “we’re proud of you.” Kaloka! Tell me, where is the rationality of being a “shipper” kuno there? I didn’t know na ganito pala ang galawan sa love team fandom. Sorry ha, first time ko kasi maging fan ng LT. I just hope malawak ang pag-iisip ng bawat isa. Oh well…

Again, if you can’t accept what your idols want with their PERSONAL lives, you have no right to fangirl. Moreover, you have no right to dictate what he/she should do. Nobody wants to be a robot who lives by what others say.

If you are born trolls, trolling around social media and hating people you don’t even personally know, start assessing yourselves. Ask these questions:

  • Is this worth my time?
  • Am I getting paid from doing this?
  • Am I happy and contented with this kind of life?

If you answer YES, you need to seek professional help. You are not a normal human being anymore, seriously. Remember, almost everything is digital nowadays and so is KARMA. You wouldn’t want your family to be in jeopardy because of your wickedness. Hopefully, what you are doing won’t be done against you and your loved ones. Remember the golden rule by Confucius: “DO NOT DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT DONE TO YOURSELF”

Lastly, look at the person you are bashing and hating, he’s making millions of pesos, had sent his sister to college, has a big house, restaurant, farms, and savings account. How about you? Who’s paying you millions to hate a celebrity who has done nothing wrong against you?

“A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.” – Anonymous


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