Monday Mood: Cheesecake

Welcome to the last day of October. Looking back at this month… nah~ nevermind. Let’s stop looking back at something not worth it. LOL! Kidding aside, how’s your long weekend so far? It’s a long weekend but I have a lot of work-related stuff to do. Haaay~

People in the country are busy preparing for the Piyesta ng Patay tomorrow. It’s a tradition every November 1st; families visit the graves of their dead loved ones although some people would take the opportunity to have a vacation in or outside the country. As for me, as usual I’ll just be home. XD

Since our family lives far from where my grandparents’ graves are, we don’t travel there during this season because of hassle and crowd in the cemetery. We just pray for their souls at home and offer candles and foods as part of the tradition. We visit their graves when we go to our hometown either Christmas or summer time.

Anyway, this past weekend, we had a birthday bash for my mom, brother, sister, and brother-in-law. We decided to just have one celebration (First time namin to ginawa). XD Mom’s birthday was October 27, my brother was October 15, sister is Nov 6, and brother-in-law is Nov 13. Even though my sister is in Japan and my brother-in-law is in Qatar, we made the weekend a special one for them as well. Mom is not used to celebrating it outside so we just cook some foods at home.

14924111_1599521070073534_1706467097_oWe had lechon kawali, spaghetti, buko pandan, fried chicken, and cheesecake. I love the cheesecake. My brother said he ordered it online for around 400 pesos and some change.


It was one of the delicious cheesecakes I’ve tasted. I do bake but I haven’t tried baking cheesecake. I always do mocha-caramel cake, triple-chocolate fudge cake, etc… I guess I’ll try cheesecake next time.

Okay, that’s all for now. Enjoy the rest of the vacation. Stay safe and be happy! ^^

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” – Anonymous


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