Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversary, Daddy & Mommy!

Today, we are celebrating our parent’s 33rd wedding anniversary. December 28, 1983 when daddy and mommy tied a knot in front of God. Mom was emotional this morning because she is celebrating it without daddy for the first time. After my work, I went to a bakeshop and bought a cake for mommy and daddy’s wedding anniversary. It feels good to see mommy was surprised.


As a daughter, I was very devastated when we lost our daddy. However, the pain I feel is no match compared to the pain and struggles of mommy coping with the lost of the man she loved and married. Everyday, we are trying our best to show her that everything is okay. We talk to her and ask her of her beautiful memories with daddy. We are trying our best to make her smile.

When mommy is better, I’d like to bring her to the places that gave her and daddy the beautiful memories worth remembering. There are times I want to go back to the good old days and experience how it was like living in the 70s and 80s. I want to see how was daddy before he married mommy and their life after marriage when my elder sister and I were not born yet. I wish I have a time machine… ^^

My parents’ relationship may not be everyone’s “relationship goal” but it was surely one for the books. A remarkable love story worth holding dearly. Despite life’s challenges and trials, they never left each other and worked hand in hand to raise their children well enough. Thank you for everything, daddy and mommy! Happy 33rd wedding anniversary. We love you so much. ♥


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