Trip to Antamok, Benguet

Last Sunday, my friend and I went to Antamok. It is a small town in Benguet, Philippines where the people’s main source of income is from mining. Although Benguet Corporation, a giant mining industry had already stop its operation in the area, many small scale miners are still digging the mountains to find gold for a living.

Anyway, my friend and I met at 10:30 AM and traveled in a jeepney going to Antamok. It was almost a 45-minute travel from Baguio.


There are still bare roads covered with mud and/or dusts. I would say that the road conditions need to be developed. I wonder why it hasn’t since Benguet Corporation were there since the 60s. I’m not in the position to say anything but I wish the roads will be improved not only for the residence there but also for tourists who would like to visit the place.

The road to the town of Antamok:


Near the closed mine in Antamok, Benguet, Philippines.


Overall, it was quite an adventure. We left the pAntamok at past 1 PM and arrived in Baguio at past 2 PM. I love the place and hopefully I can come back for another visit.

My parents lived in Antamok back when I was around 2-3 years old because my father used to work at Benguet Corporation. From Masinloc, Zambales, he was relocated in Antamok. I didn’t remember anything in Antamok because I was so small back then so it’s nice to visit and see the place that became part of my childhood and became part of my parents’ memories.

“What takes us back to the past are the memories. What brings us forward is our dreams.” – Jeremy Irons


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