Trip to Tangadan Falls

Now this post is way long over due. I really had no time lately even weekend for this but I’m glad that I can squeeze this one out this morning.

On January 28, 2017, my friends and I decided to visit Bauang, La Union where one of my colleagues resides. We had a fun-filled Samgyeupsal by the Sea activity.


We bought the ingredients in Baguio and took a Partas Bus for Bauang La Union.To reach the beach from my friend’s house, we had to take tricycle then walk and cross a small estuary.


It was an awesome and joyful moments to have a Samgyeupsal picnic while watching the sun goes down to the sea.


On the next day (Sunday), we left for Tangadan Falls. We rode a mini bus bound for San Fernando then took a jeepney from San Fernando to San Gabriel, La Union. At the municipality of San Gabriel, we registered our names and pay an Environmental Fee worth Php120 then we took a tour guide. From the Municipality, we rode a tricycle to where we will start trekking going to the falls.


After almost an hour and thirty minutes of trekking, we finally reached the beautiful and breath-taking Tangadan Falls.


It was a great experience with nature. Next time, we’re looking into trekking Mount Pinatubo. I’ve trekked it back in 2005 and 2006 and I’ve always wanted to go back.


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