Padasal for Daddy

PADASAL – is a Filipino practice to pray for the dead, it is done to help the soul rest in peace in the arms of God. Usually, senior citizens or elderly will gather in the house of the family who requested a Padasal for their dead family member and pray the rosary (novena). The family who requested Padasal will prepare food to offer to the altar and for the visitors attending the Padasal.

Yesterday, we invited someone who’s doing Padasal to pray for our deceased father almost five months ago. We should have done it before but we don’t know someone in the city who’s doing Padasal until a neighbor recommended one.

I have prepared Agar-agar salad, Pandan Cake, Lumpiang Shanghai, and Spaghetti. My mom cooked Malagkit na sinaing sa gata at dahon ng pandan, a traditional offertory food during Padasal.


We did the Padasal to help daddy’s soul rest in peace in God’s arms. Wherever he is right now, I know he’s in a better place watching over us everyday. We miss him so much! ♥


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