Slowly back from reality

Finally, after a very long time I convinced myself to brush off some laziness so I can update my blog. Geez~ it’s been a long time since I wrote here. I am even embarrassed that this blog has become a recipe book. LOL! This is not what I wanted it to be, believe me! Oh  can I just add, I still have a lot of recipes to post but I’m just too lazy (as usual). Ugh! Nothing new. 😛

Meanwhile, life has been a roller coaster ride lately… or should I say “HAS ALWAYS BEEN a roller coaster ride?” The reality has eaten me alive before I sensed it. One more thing, I don’t spend much time online and on social media these past days anymore unlike before. My fangirl life has also been put on hiatus for quite a while. It’s all because of REALIDAD!

On the other hand, when my father passed away, I realized that life is indeed too short and I regret every single time I wasted from staying online fangirling instead of spending it with my loved ones. So this time I am making sure everything is balanced. Imagine myself being an AVID fangirl of a band/group/artists since 2011? From JPOP, KPOP, KDramas, JDramas, to Filipino celebrities like ALDUB. I’ve been through different fandoms. Laughed, cried, spent hard-earned money for merchandises, KINILIG with fellow fangirls and whatnot… but I don’t regret those memories, NEVER. What I regret I didn’t do was — I could have balanced reality and fangirling. Not that I’m just over reacting but because I know exactly what could have happened if only I was responsible.

Now I feel like the amount of time I spent with my family especially with my father was not enough. Instead of wasting so much time with myself, I could have bonded more with him and my family. I had considerably plenty of time but I didn’t manage it responsibly. Those lost time, if only I can reverse everything, I would. On the other hand, these thoughts, maybe they’re just part of grieving, just so I can blame something. Ugh! I don’t know! Am I getting nonsense now? XD

Okay welcome back, self!

“Don’t mistake movement for achievement. It’s easy to get faked out by being busy. The question is: Being busy with what?” – Jim Rohn


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