Sunday Vibes (vol. 1)

April is almost over and it’s nearly half of the year… I’ve always been planning to do aerobics and go jogging even just on weekends but I always fail to get myself up on time. By the time I woke up, it’s already almost lunch time. XD

In other story, I declined the original plan of spending the last weekend of May in Ilocos with some colleagues because I was able to buy a ticket for Alden’s concert on May 27 at the Kia Theater in Manila. Thanks to the help of a fellow fangirl who was quick enough to get the remaining Orchestra tickets for us before it get sold out. It’s a little disappointing though because there were no more VIP tickets available when we knew that the concert is already open for ticket sales and reservations. Anyway, for the love of Alden Richards, we look forward to enjoying this precious event with my fellow fangirls.

It’s already summer, what are you up to? As for me I’m convincing my sister to go swimming on my nephew’s birthday but I guess it won’t be happening. She would rather spend it at home. Oh well, what can I do? LOL

Speaking of summer, the sun is UNDENIABLY excruciating even in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.  The only difference from the lowlands is that, the wind is cool over here. Nevertheless, keep yourself hydrated and apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 or higher.

Okay, talk about some random stuff:


Yesterday, after I visited my dermatologist for facial cleaning, I found myself craving for Halo Halo. I didn’t wanna go far so I went to Mang Inasal for their creamy Halo Halo for only Php75.


My 45-minute waiting was nothing when the Halo Halo was served to me. Well, I understand why it took them a long time to serve it because of the number of people in the restaurant and the bulk orders of most diners. I was also enjoying chatting with my aunt in Singapore so I really didn’t feel the time at that moment.


I am currently listening to the Greatest Hits of The Eagles. I’ve known The Eagles because of my late father. It’s one of his favorite bands.

My favorite The Eagles’ songs are Lyin’ Eyes, Can’t Tell You Why, Love Will Keep Us Alive, and New Kid in Town. My Spotify contains a special playlist just for my father’s favorite songs and The Eagles is one of the bands that’s in it. Whenever I miss my dad, I turn into the said playlist to comfort myself. I miss my daddy so much!

That’s all for now! Have a happy Sunday to y’all! ♥


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