Sunday Vibes (vol. 2)

It’s another Sunday. Today, I’m going to say I’m kinda proud of myself because I’ve accomplished “so many” things just in the morning. XD

I got out of bed at 6:30 AM, I was feeling lazy at first but I’ve finally convinced myself to go out (at 7 AM) to buy flowers because I wanted to visit my dad’s grave. First, I jog and had a brisk walk at Burnham Park for an hour. I wanted to join the aerobics but decided I’m gonna do it next time (LOL kaloka kasi bigla akong nahiya eh!).


After buying flowers in the market, I dropped by at the bakery and bought pandesal then I went back home. At around 9 AM, I went to the cemetery and paid a visit to my daddy because I missed him so much.

Such a happy Sunday morning, indeed! I hope and pray that I’ll have more motivation to exercise next weekend. HAHA!

Now, it’s time for some random stuff:


Yesterday, we decided to have our lunch at a friend’s house. Her place is LITERALLY out-of-town, I meant, outside Baguio. LOL


We had grilled boneless Bangus, lumpia, pancit, insalada, and the thing they called Pako. It’s a fern plant (young edible fern). In fairness, it’s delicious specially when dipped in bagoong with calamansi.


I found myself listening to some old OPM music this afternoon. I think these are OPM songs in the late 80s and early to mid 1990s:

  • Lumayo ka man sa akin by Rodel Naval
  • Bakit kung sino pa by Lloyd Umali
  • Muli by Rodel Naval
  • Paminsan minsan by Richard Reynoso
  • Larawang kupas by Jerome Abalos
  • Hindi ko kaya by Richard Reynoso

The lyrics and melody are mesmerizing. Old songs never fail to amaze and relax my soul! ♥


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