Sunday Vibes (vol. 5)

Welcome, July!

We are now in the third quarter of the year yet I still have a lot of things to accomplish that has been pending since the beginning of the year. I felt like whenever I’m ready to start, something comes in until I won’t have time anymore. It’s been very frustrating and disappointing. I hate to say this but I think I’m having a very difficult and unfortunate year. I am doing my best to stay positive as much as I can for myself and for everyone around me, however, it’s really just so tough and exhausting.

Although I understand that some people are experiencing more difficult challenges in their lives right now compared to what I’m having, but sometimes all you’ve got to think of is, “why is this happening and what have I done to deserve this?” When a trial comes in, it comes one after another… they come in series… like I haven’t move on from the other and here comes another one. Come on, life! It’s really true that life is simple but it’s just not easy. 😦

Well I guess I just have to keep moving on and trust God.

Anyway, it’s time for some random stuff:


Yesterday, I cooked TURON. A Filipino delicacy made from a variety of Banana called Saba and wrapped with lumpia wrapper.


I added dark brown sugar before wrapping the banana then fried it until golden brown and the sugar have caramelized.

Today, I fried the remaining banana that were not cooked yesterday because I ran out of lumpia wrapper. Then I rolled the fried bananas into white sugar and served with carrot juice. Mom loved it. 🙂


I was planning to bake but I don’t have baking powder. LOL! I’m too lazy to go out this weekend.


I’m currently listening to Gary Valenciano’s Christian songs. The songs played during daddy’s funeral. I miss my daddy so much! 😥

That’s all for now before I get too emotional again.


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